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When players sign for Bradenham & Mattishall FC, they will sign up to the 'Player's Code of Conduct' & 'Expectations of a B&MFC player.

As a B&MFC player I will always:

Train and play to the best of my ability

Have a positive attitude and never quit

Win without boasting and exemplify sportsmanship

Respect officials and accept their decisions without question

Remember that I play for the Club and not a specific Team

I am expected to play for the team for whoml am selected and aspire to play at the highest level possible within the Club

Arrive prepared for all games and training sessions, i.e. proper mental attitude, equipment and dressed in Club clothing.

Arrive for all games and training sessions on time Leave the Changing Rooms in the same condition that I found them in both Home and Away.

Commit to being available to play throughout the season

Confirm my availability promptly each week

Notify the Managers if I will be tardy or unable to make a practice, game or meeting players that don't train will not be selected ahead of players that do train wherever possible.

Stay for a drink and food after matches both home and away (unless there are exceptional circumstances)

Respect coaches, managers, teammates and opponents

Learn and obey the Laws of the Game

Support and attend Club events throughout year

As a B&MFC player I will never

Use profane or vulgar language

Use a controlled substance unless prescribed by a Doctor

Leave the field or a session without the permission of the coach

Disregard any instructions of my coach/manager

Never forget that you represent Bradenham & Mattishall FC